Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wheretoget?

Wheretoget is a platform where everyone can get inspired by Fashion looks and find the dream clothes they've been craving.
Wheretogetters (that's you!) post pictures of outfits that inspired them, and help each other find out where to buy them.
We are the best way to shop, get inspiration and exchange with people from all around the world.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy, you can create an account via your facebook or tumblr accounts, or sign up with your email address.
Then fill in the required fields (password, username, add a profile picture etc) and you’re good to go!

How can I post a look?

  • Click on the pink camera button on the top right corner of the home page, upload your picture (must be at least 300x300) pick a item from the list (pants, shoes, home decor), add tags (red dress, nike), add a comment and post it!
  • If you see a picture online you can also use the wheretoget button to upload it directly!

How can I post a tip?

When you spot an item that you know where to purchase, it’s time to help out a fellow wheretogetter!
Go on the look and post a tip on the right side on the picture. Paste the link guiding to the shop to purchase the item, add the price ($,€ or £), add a comment and send it!

Can I delete a tip?

After you post a tip, you have 10 minutes to delete it. Beyond these 10 minutes, the tip is posted for good.

Can I delete a picture / a look I posted ?

You can’t delete a picture. You can send us an email at with the link and we’ll delete it for you.

Like/want/wish, what’s the the difference?

Like : You can like any look that you find inspiring. All your likes will appear on your profile page in the likes column.

Want : You can want any item you want to purchase. When you Want an item, you receive a notification everytime a tip is posted. All your wants will appear on your profile page in the wants column.

Wish : You can wish any tip guiding to an item you want to purchase later. All your wishes will appear on your profile page in your wishlist.You’ll find all your wished items in one place, adding up to a total amount.

How can I purchase from Wheretoget?

Wheretoget is not a merchant. We provide links directing to e-shops. If you have any questions regarding shopping, order and delivery, please get in touch with the seller.

How can I earn point?

You earn points each time you help out the community.

ActionPointsWhy you will earn points
Post a tip
Post a tip on a look
1 point You earn a point because you helped the community by posting a quality shopping tip redirecting to a trustable e-shop.
If a member reports your tip as irrelevant, it will be deleted by a moderator and you will loose your point.
Get thanked for a tip you posted
10 points Your tip was on point and particularly relevant: a member thanked you for it! You earn 10 points!
Everytime someone adds your tip to their wishlist
10 points Your tip was helpful and relevant. Thanks to you, Wheretogetters will be able to get what they craved! You earn 10 points!

What can I do with points I earned?

There are a bunch of rankings on Wheretoget: you can compete in the weekly, monthly or all-time leaderboard. These rankings will matter during contests when you'll have to earn as many points as possible in a limited period of time.


You can follow users, brands, tags, bloggers, tv shows, movies and celebrities. Just go on their page and click on the “Follow” button. You can also unfollow by clicking on the same button again.

Any user can follow you. The more people you follow, the more followbacks you’ll get. The more tips you post, the more popular you’ll become!

How can I report inappropriate content

If a tip or comment is leading to an inappropriate site (scam, pornography, fake products, counterfeit), please report it by clicking on the report button under the tip.

You can report any look by clicking on the report button on the top right corner of the look.
If you want to report a user (spamming, fake accounts, cheating, scam advertising, irrelevant tips or posts), please send us an email at

Why can’t I post a tip?

If you get an error message saying “An error has occurred, please try again” when you post a tip, that means the shop has been definitely banned from Wheretoget and you can’t post tips guiding to this shop.

In this case, don’t post it as a comment, find another tip ;)

My Want and Wish columns disappeared.

If your Want and Wish disappeared and you now have a catalog that means your profile got turned into a brand page.

Any regular profile posting most tips to one single shop might become a brand page.
In this case, please read the brand FAQ.

How can I unsubscribe from Emails?

Go in your settings > notifications and uncheck the email preferences.

How Can I delete my Wheretoget account?

Go in your settings and click on the “Delete my account” button in the bottom left corner. This is a permanent deletion and all your data will disappear.

How can I unlink my Facebook/Tumblr/Instagram/Twitter?

Go in your settings, in the social network column and uncheck the network you wish to unlink.

Why am I not getting any tips?

The posts that are likely to get the most tips are:

  • High quality pictures
  • From users with followers (follow users to get some followback)
  • Posts with at least 5 relevant tags