bellefleur: help me :-)
jeans light blue light blue jeans skinny jeans light blue skinny jeans blue skinny jeans blue jeans jeans blue cardigan oversized cardigan sweater oversized sweater fall sweater fall outfits t-shirt shirt white black black and white white black and white blouse black and white high waisted jeans high waisted high waisted light blue jeans high waisted blue jeans high waisted skinny jeans high waisted skinny light blue jeans jewels hair top tank top blouse pants crop tops acid wash leopard print jacket coat phone cover high waisted leggings high waisted pants cream cream cardigan white top white crop tops crop tops white crop tops criss cross top beige cardigan brunnette slouchy summer high waist pants long hair high waisted love more light
bellefleur: help me :-)

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Topshop jeans?

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comes in a lighter shade
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the cardigan is from brandymelvilleusa.com

avatar imageitzabc123lalala

American apparel

avatar imagemich3113yy


avatar imagebrooke106

She would have of to put a black jeans .

avatar imageGuzelMiller

American apparel

avatar imageJesuslovesme

The top is from nastygal.com

avatar image1090bri

American apparel easy jean

avatar imagenattiia

American apparel

avatar imagemich3113yy

Zara kind of a jegging

avatar imageJessj

The sweater is from Wetseal.com

avatar imagestarrrr_

Tobi :)

avatar imagesandrinev-l

Posted the tip above in the "tank top" section

avatar imageitsvaleriee


avatar imageFlawless-Wallis

American Apparel Easy Jean

avatar imagenattiia


avatar imageemilyy00

her trousers are "joni's" and you can get them from most clothes shops x

avatar imageamie_rose


avatar imagemeganfriend

Can also get the same top with sleeves n in different colours just have a search through sabo skirts other tops :)

avatar imagemaz

U can get them a dotti for really cheap got mine for $30

avatar imagefashionwithin


avatar imagenattiia

American apparel easy jeans!

avatar imagekaileypriest77
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